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Lulu Faces Loss And Finds Encouragement

Available in paperback & ebook formats

Best for: children grades: K-3​

Eight-year-old Lulu watches her beloved Grandma grow more and more weak. At the same time, she learns how “encouragement” can help people find hope and gain strength. 

Written & Illustrated by Danica Thurber

Published by Thurber Studios, LLC 2020

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How to Make a Pencil Portrait (Ebook)
Ebook: Instant download after purchase

Best for: beginner-intermediate artists, teens & adults

YOU can learn to draw a realistic portrait using only a pencil and a reference photo. Ebook includes: 

  • 18 pages (viewed vertically)

  • Step-by-step instructions to complete your first portrait

  • Photo illustrations of each step

  • PDF format for easy & instant download after purchase

Written & Illustrated by Danica Thurber

Published by Thurber Studios, LLC 2020

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Lulu encuentra ánimo después de una pérdida

Versión Español

Paperback & ebook

Para niños desde 5 hasta 10 años

Sigue mientras Lulu experimenta su primera pérdida de un familiar, y después enfrenta los meses primeros sin ella. Mira cómo Lulu encuentra apoyo e ánimo aún cuando le sea difícil para ella.

Escrito e ilustrado por Danica Thurber

Publicación de Thurber Studios, LLC 2021

More titles coming soon!


Author Danica Thurber is a Creative life coach who writes inspirational books for children and adults. Her most recent book, "Lulu Faces Loss And Finds Encouragement," includes a therapeutic art projects perfect for children grades K-3.

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