Creative Life Coaching

Healing from destructive thinking and emotional pain can be scary and messy.


Learn to understand and externalize "the mess" inside- and find beauty in the midst of it. 


Emotions like grief, anxiety, anger, fear, and sadness are natural responses to many life-stressors.


Problem is, if you don't find a way to healthfully express these emotions, they can stay bottled up inside, often coming out in ways that aren't so helpful.


The practice of coaching starts with the belief that you are the expert, and you just might need a little outside help to train, equip, and motivate you to do what you do best: live your one precious life.

During a virtual Creative Life Coaching session, we'll:

  •  Talk about how you're doing

  • Introduce the topic or goal we're working on

  • Do an art or craft project related to the topic

  • Discuss real-life applications to your week ahead

  • Set a personal goal to complete before our next session

Cool! But... do I have to be an "artist"?


(Nope, not at all.)

Many clients I work with start at "stick-figure" level. Unlike fine art (which all about the final product), therapeutic art is all about the PROCESS. So if it ends up ugly or messy, great job! Many of our emotions, thoughts and behaviors feel ugly and messy, too.

And if you are artistically inclined, I'm so glad you're here! There is so much potential for growth when you learn to put more and more of your emotions and thoughts into your artwork. This course is for you, too!

Creative Life Coaching means that we'll learn and practice all of these skills BY doing art projects together!

I believe that because the stressors and circumstances of life can take us beyond words, we also have to go beyond words in order to find our way forward.

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Creative life coaching can be a stand-alone support to help you through a rough season or help you achieve a short-term goal.


 Creative life coaching can also be a great addition to traditional therapy.


Coaching is different than counseling or therapy.


I am a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and have been developing my content and skills since I became a peer mentor for college students in 2012. I'm not a therapist, counselor, or licensed medical professional, and you wouldn't want me to prescribe medication even if I could!

Some things that you'll learn during our time together:  

  • Get ‘unstuck’ from emotions, circumstances, and negative beliefs that hold you back.

  • Bridge the gap between the life you want and not knowing where to start. 

  • Set measurable and achievable goals for the kind of future that you want.

  • Receive direction, not just sympathy or a listening ear.

  • Find renewed inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals.

  • Learn to become your own #1 fan instead of sabotaging your life with "I can't" "I won't" "I'll never"

  • Find accountability in working on and achieving your goals.

We'll be able to work on all these things using a variety of art skills, techniques and materials.

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Great for working together on more long-term goals  & struggles.


Check-in on a regular basis to learn a new topic and create a new project. Set and complete goals between sessions.


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One Creative Session

FREE 15 min. consultation call + one 60 min. coaching session

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Learn to express your heart

Healing from destructive thinking and emotional pain can be scary and messy. Learn to understand and externalize "the mess" inside, and find beauty in the midst of it. 

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