Host an Art Party

and Create New Stories

Art Parties are similar to Paint n' Sips - except you host it in your own home! There are many benefits to hosting a paint party in your own home:

  • Save on cost per person

  • Convenience in your own space

  • Cater your own food or ask guests to bring something to share.

  • Save money on drinks!

  •  Send kids in another room to play - no babysitter needed.

  • Go as fast or slow as your group needs.

  • Cater the rest of the event towards your purpose:

    • enjoy a good time with friends​

    • church/work/group team bonding

    • celebrate a birthday, shower, etc.

Be the first to know
when art parties go live!

Wow them with a Party Bundle!

Bundles include the downloadable video PLUS:

  1. themed invitations & name cards

  2. food & game ideas

  3. hosting & setup tips 

  4. fun facts to entertain guests

  5. sample event schedule, and more!

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