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Grief is hard at any age.

Help your child cope with the loss of a loved one.

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✓✓ BONUS material inside

Instructions for a CRAFT PROJECT just like Lulu makes in the book!

*Recommended for grades K-3*

Parent review

"As a mom to an elementary age daughter who sometimes has questions about illness and death, this book helped frame those topics in an age appropriate and encouraging way.


Definitely a book we will keep on our shelf to help our children through loss and grief. Plus, the pages and storyline are beautiful and thoughtful."

- Emily T., Idaho

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Homework Help


Read advice for parents discussing death with young children... from someone who's been there.



Sigue mientras Lulu experimenta su primera pérdida de un familiar, y después enfrenta los meses primeros sin ella. Mira cómo Lulu encuentra apoyo e ánimo aún cuando le sea difícil para ella.

Grief is hard at any age.

Gift this book and help them through.

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