• Danica Thurber

Are you drawing from the right (or wrong?!) side of the brain?

Do you believe anyone can learn to draw? Or is it a magical ability that only a select few posses?

I hope to convince you that through practice, anyone (even you!) can learn to draw more accurately and realistically.

Inspired by Betty Edward's famous book - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - I'm creating a new YouTube tutorial series. I'll be leading you through a series of exercises that increase your ability to not just see, but to OBSERVE.

You'll learn to quiet that logical brain that says, "you can't do that!" and tap into the creative brain that says, "if I observe well, yes I can!"

To start, I'd like to introduce you to the theory behind this drawing method. It's both fascinating AND engaging, I promise!

This video is based off of information from chapters 1-3. Want to dive deeper? You can get the book for yourself here.

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Comment below: Have you heard of the right/left brain theory before? What do you think: can anyone (including you!) learn to draw?


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