Baby's first painting

This mini-masterpiece was created at only five months old!

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and logged it away in my mind for my son's first art project. We had a lazy Sunday afternoon and I finally decided it was time to give it a try!

Scroll to the end to see my review of this activity - and see if it's right for your little one.


  • tiny 4x6" canvas like this one

  • acrylic paint in colors of your choice (I chose colors that go with our home decor)

  • Gallon ziplock bag

  • Masking tape (I used 1" thick tape like this one)

  • High chair or child-safe table where baby can sit

You can watch our process via Instagram reel here.


Step 1

Use masking tape to block out a letter or simple shape (heart, star, house). I did a "T" for our last name.

Step 2

Squirt 1/2 teaspoon dollops of paint around the canvas - it helps to use more than necessary so that it's easier for baby to spread it later on.

Step 3

Open up a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and carefully place the canvas with the paint dollops in the center of the open bag. Gently press the bag down enough to get most of the air out before sealing the Ziploc.

Step 4

Use the masking tape to secure the bag to the high chair tray or tabletop.

Step 5

Place the baby in front of the activity and show them how to spread the paint with their fingers and palms. Encourage baby to keep going until all or most of the white canvas is covered with paint. You can watch our process via Instagram reel here.

Step 6

When baby is done, take the tap off the ziplock bag. Unzip the baggie and gently un-stick the baggie from the painting's surface. Place the canvas on a paper towel to dry.

Step 7

When dry, use a fingernail to gently peel up the masking tape to reveal the image underneath. Show baby what a great job they did!

Activity review


  • No messy baby to clean up!

  • Colors don't clash with our home decor (since I chose the colors, not baby)

  • Super fast activity to do

  • Soooo easy - no art skills were required from me or baby.


  • The activity lasted for like 2 minutes total. Now what to do before nap time?

  • Most of the movement was initiated by me, rather than baby. He may be a tad too young to appreciate finger-painting like this.

  • The final texture of the painting comes from the Ziploc baggie that I carefully pulled off the canvas so that it could dry. No baby fingerprints visible.

Comment below: Would you try this with your little one? Let me know how it goes!!