Journal Ideas

Are you a "journal-er"?

One of the quaintest self-identifiers I hear from people is if they call themselves a "Journal-er" or "definitely not a journal-er." The identity runs deep, and always presents itself when challenged.

But what if there was a third category:

"I'm in a journaling-season-of-life right now."

Some seasons just require more reflection that others.

If you're in a journaling-season-of-life (or you aspire to be), take a look at my new hardcover journals and get inspired by things you can put inside them.

Art & Inspiration Journals

What to write inside:

  • Quotes that inspire you

  • Collect "starters" (interesting things you observe or overhear in your everyday world)

  • Ideas for future art projects

... Or maybe:

  • Concept sketches

  • Ledger of sales at your upcoming craft fair

  • Notes from TED talks about creativity

"I'm-working-on-me-right-now" Journal

What to write inside:

  • Notable dreams

  • Daily emotional check-in

  • Mood tracker

  • Habit tracker

  • Emotional triggers (AKA, what triggered me and thoughts about why I was triggered)

  • Dreams, goals, and aspirations for the future

Grief Journal

What to write inside:

  • Daily emotional check-ins

  • Memories of a lost loved one that you don't want to forget

  • Letters to your lost loved one

  • Gratitude list (add one small thing you're thankful for each day)

Six different covers available!

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Comment below: Which journal idea is your favorite? What do you use journals for?