Kid's art activity: grief & loss

"Even though they're not with you, the love you shared stays right there in your heart - it becomes a part of you..."

Every child needs to learn that feeling sad is OK - it's a big emotion that's also a big part of our lives.

But kids often have a hard time expressing big emotions. (And if we're honest, so do many adults!)

Instead of expressing typical signs of sadness (crying, downcast face), children tend to display other outward signs of their inward feelings, such as: stomach aches, fear of the dark or being alone, problems paying attention in school, or regressive behavior.

Read on my blog: Other signs to look for and how to talk (age-appropriately) with your child about the death of a loved one.

Oftentimes, we as parents and caretakers in these children's lives are also grieving the same loss - which makes it so very easy to overlook signs that they might be feeling down, alone, or afraid. An emotional outburst from your child may catch you completely off-guard. "I thought you were doing so well with all of this...."

Sound familiar?

It's so hard to be able to care for your child while you yourself feel like you're falling apart. That's precisely why I created this activity video, AND why I wrote my first children's book on the topic of grief & loss. I want to equip parents, caretakers, teachers, and other adults to start these difficult conversations in a way that is compassionate and helpful. Most grief won't simply go away with time; it will in fact, evolve and change as the child grows.

In this video, I make sure to explain grief in terms that a young child can understand. This is to help you as the adult play your vital role as the primary model in your child's life. As in all things, they will look to you to learn about how to healthfully grieve (or how to repress it) after a loved one has died or left your life.

So, bring your little over to the screen and begin to read, discuss, and watch the video together. Once you've watched the video, try the activity on your own!

Have you ever wondered, "where does the love go, when your 'someone' isn't here with you?" Dear one, I want you to know that:

Even though they're not with you, the love you shared stays right there in your heart - it becomes a part of you.

What you'll need for this project:

  1. something to protect your table surface (I used an old newspaper)

  2. 1 paper plate

  3. 1 pencil

  4. 2 Qtips (yes, the kind you use for your ears)

  5. Acrylic, tempera, or washable paint in 2 colors (pick which ones you want to use out of red, blue, and yellow)

  6. printed heart template (Sorry, I've discontinued the free template for now. It's easy to draw your own on a sheet of paper.)

Check it out: my first children's book about loss & grief is NOW available on Amazon! Learn more about it here or watch the Youtube book trailer below:

Comment below: How did the project go for you and your child?