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NEW Kid's Book on Grief & Loss

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

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If you’ve ever had the pain of grieving the death of a loved one, while also trying to care for a grieving child…

If you’ve ever watched a family go through a devastating loss and not known what to say or do…

If you work with children and wish there was a resource that addressed death and grief in an honest (no euphemisms!) and yet helpful way…

I’ve got a book for you. You see, whether you’re the family who’s grieving, or you’re supporting someone else’s, what brings us together in common humanity is the shared understanding that loss touches every one of us.

And in this time of division, chaos, and pain, we need something that brings us together.

So I want to introduce you to my FIRST children’s book about grief and loss:

“Lulu Faces Loss and Finds Encouragement” gives children a way to creatively express their thoughts and emotions about death & grief. It’s also a helpful resource for the adults in their lives because it helps both sides engage in meaningful conversation. There’s even instructions to a cute craft activity that goes with the book - one which kids and adults can do together.

Based on my own experience of childhood loss, parents and caretakers will find this book a great support in engaging children in difficult conversations about cancer, hospice, death, and grief.

“Lulu Faces Loss and Finds Encouragement” can also be a helpful, tangible gift for a family who’s recently experienced loss.

Watch the book trailer:

A quick synopsis: Eight-year-old Lulu watches her beloved Grandma grow more and more weak. At the same time, she learns how “encouragement” can help people find hope and gain strength. Follow along as Lulu navigates her first major loss, walks through the first few months of grief, and yet still finds encouragement along the way.

The e-book and paperback were released on October 20, which is the 17th anniversary of my dad’s death. Needless to say, releasing this book on that day is very significant to me.

I think my (back then) 12-year-old-self would have liked to have this book. So I decided to write it for future generations. I hope it can be of great encouragement to you and any young ones in your life during this tough time in our world.

Comment below: What do you think of the book? Do you think a resource like this is needed?



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