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People vs. Pandemic (the board game)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

OK so, apparently my husband and I can't stop making new projects. But this one was just so fun, we wanted to share it with the world!

(PS: We designed all of these cards, so they're also works of art!)

What started as a fun date night activity for us has become a full-fledged board game complete with cards, tokens, and instructions.

This family-friendly game is a great conversation starter. You’ll laugh, wince, and share your own quarantine stories. We’ll help you find and appreciate the humor in 2020. ;-)

Here's an example:

The object of the game is the same as your life right now: get all the humans down the path before the virus beats you there. If even one human is left behind... you all lose!

Moral of the story: we’ve got to work together to beat this thing.

Four to six players can play this, but one of them will play the role of the virus. Here's a glimpse at the virus' cards:

And yes, the virus has the special power to attack the "human players". They're not totally defenseless though - they've got special defense cards as well!

Another cool part of the game is that you get to collect the most valuable resources of 2020:

  • Toilet paper (AKA, 2020 Gold)

  • Groceries (AKA, Bare Necessities)

  • Hand sanitizer (AKA, Liquid Life)

Sound fun yet?

We played this with a few sets of people and one of our friends had a great insight to share: he said the game was super fun, but it was extra cool because it got us all talking about our experiences during the stay-at-home orders. We'd laugh and say, "me too!" or exclaim, "no way - really?!" at their uniquely funny experiences.

Other game stats:

*Game takes approx. 120 min.s and is suitable for ages 7 and up. All the adults we've played with found the game hilarious, too, so don’t think it’s just for the little ones. Everyone will enjoy it!

*While players may be exposed or attacked by the virus, the only consequence is going into quarantine (aka losing turns). No death happens in this game - we’re keeping it light-hearted.

This was one of our final test runs for the game, so we each played as two different players. Ironically, we both had COVID when we took this picture... don't worry, it was a super mild case and we're totally recovered now!

So here's the coolest part: the game is a printable.

Um... what's a printable?

In true 2020 style, a lot of us are still stuck in our homes - not many game or toy stores are open. That's why this format is so awesome: everything's going digital, and so are we!

A printable is a set of downloadable PDF files. When you purchase the game, you get the downloads instantly. Then it's up to you to print and assemble the game. Don't worry, instructions are included!

All you'll need for printing and assembly:

  • Home printer

  • A stack of card stock

  • Scissors

  • A paper cutter (we recommend a guillotine-style one)

  • Clear tape

You can get or gift the game here on Etsy. Thank you for supporting our small business!

*Looking for an already-printed version? Let us know at wethethurbers@gmail.com . If we get enough inquiries, we’ll go for it!

What do you think of our fun new creation? Comment below!

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