Rebranding... again.

I absolutely love my art studio, particularly the huge window.

I mean, how can you not love it, right?

Well, there are days....

And recently, on most of those days, my studio work desk actually looks like this:

And when my studio looks like that, I find myself avoiding my studio, rather than enjoying working in it.

Have you ever been there? Like, you know in your mind that you have tons to do, but you're not exactly sure what you're supposed to be doing?

Welcome to my little slice of the #artreprenuer life - if all this looks chaotic, that’s exactly what my brain has been feeling like recently!

If you've ever heard of urban sprawl, that’s essentially what my business has been going through these past few years: uncontrolled and unplanned expansion covering every available space.

I tried idea after idea, rebranding after branding, product after product- all in an effort to find SOMEthing that works!

I ended up with a full online school, a new book, several products, art print sales, commissions, live teaching and workshops, 4 IG accounts, 3 FB pages, and several side jobs.

In short, NOT sustainable.

I was doing too many things in too many places. It was high time for a change.

But this change had to be towards simplification, not away from it. Especially if I’m working in the field of mental wellness (hello, Creative Life Coaching)!

It was actually quite painful- so many dreams and hours lost. But still, back to the start I went.

And know what? I'm feeling much clearer and starting to get excited again.

As of March 2021, I've moved everything over to ONE website that offers all the things I do, like a mashup of who I am: “Danica the Artist”.

Right here, you'll find art lessons and art events, as well as Creative Life Coaching (the live, real-time version of ProjectGrief.Org), and a shop with all the things I love to create.

MUCH better.

Im SOOO relieved to finally get it all under one roof- and hopefully regain a tiny bit of sanity - at least, before our first child arrives in July 2021.

Comment: What kinds of things have you done to simplify your life? Comment with all the new mom advice you want - I'll sure need it!