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When artists fall in love...

Updated: May 14

When artists fall in love...

1.) Marriage is also an art business merger

2.) Deciding wedding colors in no easy task

3.) Their new shared home never has blank walls

4.) Weekends are full of financial whoas & farmer's markets

5.) They both work hard to bring in a living

6.) They sometimes forget to enjoy creating and have fun

7.) They help inspire each other and challenge one another to do their best

Here's our sappy story....

We had known each other only vaguely, but I had been seeing him post more and more of his gorgeous landscape photographs. One day, Tony asked me via a Facebook message if I would like some help putting up my artist website. I politely declined, not just because I knew what his real motive was, but also because I was discouraged at the time and didn't think spending money on a site would yield any more sales than I was already getting.

He responded with a sad but respectful, "OK. Let me know."

A few weeks later, there was a fantastic photography exhibit going on in the local university and I had had a hand in putting it together. I sent him the information, thinking he'd enjoy seeing it. He responded asking when and where, and I realized I had just (unintentionally?) initiated our first date!

After the show, he asked if it would be ok if we "intentionally got to know each other". We didn't have overlapping friend groups at the time, so it would have to be intentional dates. I said I'd think about it, and it took me three days to respond, "yes."

The ever-patient Tony began taking me with him on his photography adventures, stopping off farm roads to look for old beat-up tractors and broken-down barns to use as focal points for his photographs. The trips were always at sunset. Sometimes we blasted music with the windows down. It was beautiful, and so romantic.

We also began sharing the booth fees at art markets and selling our work together. Each new show had us building a new display together. He helped me photograph my work and make super nice prints. I was so grateful - these weren't things I would have been able to do by myself. We got to know each other through our art adventures, and conversations turned to deep things, family, hopes and dreams.

He first told me he loved me on a camping trip with friends. That trip, he took a beautiful photograph of the Milky Way over Palouse Falls in central Washington state. But mine was a guarded heart. It took me 1.5 years before I could say I loved him - and I used that photograph of Palouse Falls to work through it in my own version of the scene (Van Gogh style of course!). Finally finished, I set it up in my apartment kitchen and told him I loved him back.

A few months later, he painted another Van Gogh painting, but I didn't get to see it until October 2, 2016. He sent me on a wild scavenger hunt with my sister. We retraced the memories of our dating relationship (including the center where our art markets were), ending at a beautiful nature preserve. My sister blindfolded me and led me down the path, leaving me standing in the middle of the forest. My heart was beating so fast!

I felt familiar hands come up behind me.

He took off the blindfold and there stood his beautiful painting. He turned me around and got down on one knee. I'll spare you the details form there. (Hint, I said "Yes!!")

Our story was (and still is!) just beginning. With both of us being artists, settling on our wedding colors was no easy task. But that's for another post...

Thanks for reading our artsy love story!


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