Personalized art lessons from the comfort of home

Wether you're a creative individual looking to add to your skills, or a desperate mom looking for something for the kids to do, I'm so excited to be able to teach you or your student some new art skills.


You'll leave each lesson feeling both encouraged and accomplished. You'll also leave each art lesson with a beautiful work in progress that you can finish on your own time, or save for your next appointment with me!

Step 1

Fill out this form so I have a better understanding of where you're at as a potential student and how I can help you meet your goals. 

Step 2

Schedule a free 15 min. consultation via Zoom. 

Danica Thurber

City nightscape - acrylic

Danica Thurber

Spring tree - acrylic

Danica Thurber

Drawing Class samples

Danica Thurber

Watercolor and brush pen

Danica Thurber

Draw a pencil portrait

Danica Thurber

Sea turtle - watercolor pencil

Frequently Asked Questions

Ages? Ages 9+ are welcome, though the younger ones will need to have an adult in the room. I have lots of experience teaching children, teens, and adults. 


Skill levels? I offer classes from beginner to advanced. No previous art experience is necessary, but a willing heart and the (age-appropriate) ability to listen and follow instructions are the only things that are required. 


How does it work online? We'll be using a free video service called Zoom.  I've had a ton of previous experience teaching in the online format as well, so no worries there!


What supplies will I need? It depends on what mediums you want to learn, as well as what is available to you. We'll work from whatever supplies you have around your house, or whatever you're able to obtain via Amazon or a quick trip to a superstore.

Rate? $30/hr. or $45 for 1.5 hrs (recommended for more complicated projects) 

Got another question? I'd be happy to help. Email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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