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Inside Out

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  • The story behind this piece


    I have been gluten free since I was 16, mostly dairy-free since age 20, and “paleo” (no grains, legumes, processed oils or sugar) since 21. I to eat well and without pain for my adult life thus far. I also lost a lot of weight and hadn't had a menstrual cycle for three years (at age 26 this is not good). But strangely enough my health issues became a sort of comfort to me. They became my identity, and a little something over which I could have real control. 

    God has been confronting me on this recently, because he wants this part of me, too. In November of 2016, I had a horrible abdominal pain like I hadn’t had for years. I laid awake at 2am and in desperation told God I was ready to talk about my food issues. I ended up pleading with him, “don’t heal me physically without healing my heart.” Immediately I got an image in my head- a heart, with my arm coming down out of it, clenching my intestines right where it hurt inside. I knew it was my hand that was clenching them. I also heard in my spirit the words, “I release you,” and felt God wanted me to pray these words in His authority. I said them three times, and I could feel the stomach pain lessening each time. I rolled right over and feel asleep, waking up the next morning with no pain whatsoever! 


    It was clear that God wanted me to continue to pursue healing, and so I watched and waited for His direction. In January while I was at a missions conference, there were many prayers for healing. One young woman prayed for me, that I would be “healed as a testimony to the fellowship [aka the ministry I worked with at the time]”. She kept encouraging me that week to have faith. By the end of the conference, I was convinced God wanted me to try gluten again- in faith that he had already healed me. So I ate a french pastry and… nothing happened! 


    What?! I had told no one about it so that I could wait and see how my digestive system would react, just to be sure. A few days later I told my room mate, “I think God healed me, but I need a sign to be sure.” Not 20 minutes later, I realized I got my menstrual period. 


    It touched my heart that Jesus would do this for me, that he would heal me in such a deep and profoundly personal (and intimate) way.


    All I can say is Amen! Jesus heals! And He heals today! Years later I have absoutely no dietary restrictions and have returned to a normal cycle and weight. I can have children! And cinnamon rolls :)

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