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Postures of Worship

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  • Hands take on the life of their owner, I think. I especially love to use hands to convey emotion. In this piece, I also used color to convey emotion. 

    The different hands and arms are all of the same individual who is moving through a process of letting hurts go, ultimately ending in worship. 

    The first pose is in yellow. A bright, unnatural hue taints the fist-shapes, showing a state of discomfort and almost indicating a half-life way of living, which often is the case when we hold onto things we should not. 

    The second pose is wide-spread hands, palms turned down. These are in red because the surrender is often the most painful part of the process. The means to surrender is also red: the blood of Jesus, who with his blood atoned for these very things of which we are now letting go. 

    Once we let go, the hands turn palms-up for the position of receiving. This blue color represent grace and peace- the opposite of where they were a moment before. 

    Having received, the hands and arms raise up to a position of worship. These are in purple, because it is in this posture that they are in the presence of the King.

    What is wonderful is that these postures do not represent a one-time conversion experience, rather an ongoing lifestyle of surrender, receiving, and worship. May we live our lives “going through the motions” in this way, and not give in to complacence. 


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