Sympathy Card Pack: Style 1

  • What do you say to someone who’s lost a loved one? People say a lot of things, but not much of it is helpful.  This card isn't one of those "trite sayings" with flowers. Show your support in a different way: acknowledge their loss without trying to find the silver lining.  Your receiver will be touched by your honest thoughtfulness in sharing in their grief and pain. 


    Pack includes 1 of each card below:

    1. 1Front reads: "I wish there were an easy button that could make it all OK." Inside reads: "Until then, I'm with you in the process (both the messy and the beautiful)."
    2. Front reads: "People say the strangest things..." Inside reads: "I'm here whenever you need a hug instead."
    3. Front reads: "When you: -want to talk -need anything -need a friend -want some company -need help with anything -need a shoulder to cry on" Inside reads: "I'm here for you"


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