Sympathy Card Pack: Style 2

  • What do you say to someone who’s lost a loved one? Each card in this 3 card pack will help you show your support in a way that doesn’t sugar-coat someone's loss. The card receivers will be touched by your honest thoughtfulness in sharing in their grief and pain. 

    This pack contains 3 sympathy cards, or 1 of each card below:

    1. Purple starry card - Inside reads: "Treasuring the memories (with you) as we look back on a life well-lived." Inside the card, there are prompts for the sender to share favorite memories of the lost loved one with the card's recipient. Sharing memories is a powerful way to show the griever you care.
    2. Anatomical heart card - Inside reads: "My hearts hurts for what you're going through - please know that your tears are ok with me."
    3. Blue baby collage - Inside reads: "Grieving: not for what was lost, but for what could have been. I wish there were words to help ease the pain. I'm grieving with you today."


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