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Weapons of Praise

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  • This work illustrates how praising God through the arts combats the spiritual forces of evil at work in the world. After all, it was the musicians who went first in the march around the Jericho walls (Joshua 6:1-21), and it was while Paul and Silas were singing hymns that the prison doors in Philippi flew open (Acts 16:25-40). And this weapon of praise isn’t limited to music.

    After all, it was Miriam and David who danced in response to God’s deliverance and it was Bezalel and his artists who were the first (who weren’t priests, prophets, or kings) to be filled with the Spirit of God to complete the work on the Tabernacle.

    It’s as if the armor of God from Ephesians 6 were interpreted in the creative language of artists, and illustrated in the context of our day. The art of praise is a powerful weapon:

    The singer declares truth as the sword of the spirit. 

    The dancer moves in the shoes of the readiness of the gospel. 

    The painter enables us to see the invisible by the shield of faith.

    The violinist moves our hearts (the breastplate) as her instrument rings out the sounds of purity and righteousness - all to the glory of the King!

    As all this action happens, the heavens are stirred. God himself responds to our worship in faith. Look closer at the painting. Can you see heaven breaking open? 

    Now look at the top of the painting. Can you see the enemies fleeing? I can’t pretend to understand the devices and patterns of spiritual warfare, but I think that as these artists fill the air with praises, there’s literally no room for the enemy to be there. 

    When we as artists engage heaven through our art, our communion, praise, or delight, the enemy has no authority. He has to flee. 


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