Sympathy Gifts

It's so hard to watch friends and family  struggle, and sometimes it's even harder to know what to say or do.

A thoughtful card or timely gift can make all the difference when they know that someone sees and cares for them. You can also give Creative Coaching Sessions as a gift! 

For the young ones

Book mockup.jpg
Lulu Faces Loss And Finds Encouragement

Available in paperback & ebook formats

Best for: children grades: K-3​

Eight-year-old Lulu watches her beloved Grandma grow more and more weak. At the same time, she learns how “encouragement” can help people find hope and gain strength. 

Written & Illustrated by Danica Thurber

Published by Thurber Studios, LLC 2020


You can give the gift of hope & healing

Sometimes those we love need a little extra help to make it through a difficult time.


I offer Creative Coaching Sessions to help those struggling with grief to recover after the loss of a loved one.


I do it by teaching ART as a tool for grief recovery. And don't worry, they don't have to be an "artist" already. All skill levels are welcome.

Or, learn more about Creative Life Coaching first: